About LanAgro

Established in 2013, LanAgro is one of the leading manufacturer's representatives for European agricultural, municipal, and forestry equipment in Canada. With a particular emphasis on Scandinavian and northern European manufacturers, LanAgro offers a high-quality range of unique equipment through its ever expanding dealer network.

LanAgro Product Lines

We represent the top-end in terms of quality, functionality, and durability. The products represented by LanAgro have been extensively tested, and then tested again. From the cold and snow of northern Finland, to the hot and arid conditions of southern Italy. The products from our suppliers incorporate the experience gained in these operating conditions, as well as feedback received from a vast range of customers.

Silage & Grassland

Saphir & Dal-Bo


Trejon (Multiforest), TP, & FSI

Road Maintenance

Trejon & Saphir


Optimal & Ino


Saphir, Dal-bo & Thyregod



Top Quality European Equipment for Agriculture & Municipal use.