From Europe
to Canada

LanAgro is specialized in the market development and representation of quality machinery, produced in Europe, for modern Canadian agriculture.  Offering not only innovative technological solutions, but also innovative market entry and co-operation programs for European manufacturers in Canada.   Our practical background, along with a knowledge the expectations of sales channels and end customers are, has led to LanAgro playing a leading role helping some well-known European manufacturers become established on the Canadian market.

Our product portfolio includes quality equipment from Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland.  Soil tillage, road maintenance, forestry, transport, slurry application, as well as equipment for both the harvesting and regeneration of grassland can be found within the comprehensive ranges of our partners.

LanAgro’s ambition is offer revolutionary products, which provide solutions, in a manner that keeps cost in check and to provide a presence for manufacturers that have also the ambition to be present on the Canadian market.  Lasting partnerships, that have endured even through the most difficult of times, and to help farmers advance agriculture.

We are the Agro Solution Company.